What is district football?

District football is the highest level of school football and a great opportunity for players to be recognised as the best in Birmingham!

We currently only run district football at primary school level. Our primary school district football is organised and run by the EBPSFA.

Staff from the 39 primary schools in the East Birmingham district have the opportunity to nominate their very best boys to attend the district team trials. Parents can also nominate their children for the trials but they must attend an East Birmingham school. Once these trials have concluded, those picked to represent East Birmingham compete against other districts from across Birmingham and the West Midlands.

How does playing for the district work?

All boys picked to represent the district can continue to play for their Sunday league team or professional academy side if they play for one. Schools football takes place mainly on Saturday mornings and runs alongside Sunday league and academy football.

District football compliments Sunday league and academy football by providing children with the opportunity to play competitive football via English Schools’ FA competitions. It provides them the opportunity to play alongside their schoolmates, while representing the community in which they live.

Is my child eligible to play for the East Birmingham district?

To be able to attend trials for a district team, a player must attend a primary school within that district. They must also be the correct age for the team in which they play. Currently, our district teams are for players from school years 4-6 only. See our list of schools here to see which schools are in the East Birmingham district.

My child is eligible, how do I get involved?

We hold trials every year to build teams for the following season. The district football season follows the school academic year so trials usually take place before the school summer holidays so that the season can get underway in September. Current trial dates and information are on our Trials page and updates will also appear on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

Are you a member of school staff looking to get your pupils involved with district teams? Contact us using our contact details here.